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Design & Planning

LED Lighting

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Maintenance & Servicing

Upgrade / Refits


                 Design & Planning

Our designers have over 60 years combined experience in creating bespoke designs for floodlighting installations. We use the very latest design software and can undertake projects right across the scale to even the most complex. We provide suitable information to assist with or carry out planning applications.                   

All Project designs are in compliance with, ILP -  (The Institution of Lighting Professionals) ‘Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light’, Sport England ‘Guide to the Design, Specification & Construction of Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) including Multi-Sport Synthetic turf Pitches (STPs)‘     



                 Maintenance & Servicing

Your Sports floodlighting installation requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure the lighting columns are in a safe condition and your lights are still achieving optimum efficiency. Maintenance should include a test and inspection of the installation to ensure it is electrically sound and compliant to the current electrical regulations stated in BS7671 2018. The person with overall responsibly for the system has a statutory requirement to ensure that the installation is safe (The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires those in control of all or part of an electrical system to ensure it is safe to use and maintained in a safe condition).


A commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) evaluates and tests electrical installations at commercial properties, to check your organisation is complying fully with BS7671. An EICR should always be carried out by an approved contractor or qualified electrician. Without one, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by an electrical fire, or electric shock. You need to carry out an EICR at least every three to five years. If a fixed wiring test is carried out by an electrician, it must also cover the floodlight cabling which may necessitate lowering the columns. In most cases this is why a separate test is carried out on floodlight installations. 


Lighting maintenance on a regular basis prevents failure/damage, will extend the life of your installation, and will ensure you are getting the best performance out of your sports lighting. Whatever type of floodlighting system you have, we can service and maintain the installation using raise/lower units, MEWPs, scaffold towers etc. We recommend a yearly service for metal halide floodlights and a 3 yearly service for LED floodlights. 

We carry out light level testing (lux) to ensure compliance with the governing body of the primary sport played and recommend this is carried out every 2 years or as required by the Sporting Association/League.

We service the floodlights and columns by:

  • Professionally cleaning the glass and reflectors on your floodlights or cleaning the front lens screen if they are LED. Up to 20% of a floodlight’s output can be lost through an accumulation of dirt.

  • Inspecting and cleaning the gear trays to help prevent fires.


  • Checking all electrical terminations, fault finding and replacing any failed electrical equipment such as cable, capacitors, igniters, ballasts, drivers.


  • Replacing failed lamps with branded replacement lamps only


  • Performing a visual inspection and functional test of the columns (If you have raise/lower floodlight columns is important the raise/lower mechanism is checked and tested regularly)


  • Checking the aiming angle of the floodlights to ensure efficiency and minimum impact to your neighbours.


  • Visually checking the integrity of essential components such as foundation bolts and floodlight brackets


  • Providing an up to date EICR certificate for the installation


                LED Lighting

You’ll waste a lot less energy compared with metal halide lighting and they are friendlier to the environment too.

Sports lighting with LED technology requires the right products with the right level of expertise to deliver results in line with the design specification. We use Signify (Philips) open-source design packages and the latest in LED lighting technology which means we are the right choice to design and deliver your next sporting project..

The range of Signify LED lighting products, developed for this sector, allow us to deliver projects to the most exacting specification, whether working to FIFA or UEFA rules, or to local government or sporting bodies’ requirements.
Whether it’s to illuminate is a new-built stadium or upgrading of existing sport and track facilities, we can deliver energy savings and improvement in lighting conditions, reduced glare and optimised controls.


As Philips lighting is a world market leader in the LED sports lighting field we consider these the optimum solution for your lighting requirements, we can however accommodate any client requirements for other LED lighting products


We offer:

• Cost comparisons to show energy usage savings and payback time to recoup your costs.

• Full turnkey solutions: For design or planning phases, product supply or installation.
• Extended Service & Warranty
• New build & refits of existing systems 
• The highest standards for all: Whether smaller facilities or the largest of stadia
• Guaranteed Quality via Signify (Philips) standards control
• Energy savings to support environmental goals
• Reduced cost of replacement and maintenance meaning less downtime
• Fully integrated solution for remote control and management.


The challenges of delivering products with very high power and advanced thermal management properties at a cost that is economically viable has always been our focus. Those challenges have been successfully met with a suite of proven LED products suited to a full range of application sectors and performance criteria.

• Significant energy savings vs Metal Halide
• Smart control capability
• Robust construction for all-weather play
• Instant on/instant off
• Design Compliant

Funding Grants 

There are energy efficiency grants available now for schools and for sports clubs to help fund upgrading your floodlights to energy efficient LEDs. Information can be found on websites like GOV.UK and by contacting your local council. 

Mobile Phone

                Smart Control

We can provide app based control of your floodlights via phone, tablet or computer. This enables you to control your lights remotely from any location and also to create automation that works around your usage schedules. This also brings extra functionality to your lights such as:

  • Dimming your lights to adapt to other events taking place at your facility i.e training.

  • Energy monitoring in real time, direct to your device.

  • Full user programmable scheduling for your lights.


                Upgrades / Refits

We can upgrade your existing Metal halide floodlights to a new design using the latest LED floodlights. In most cases we can use your existing columns and create a new design to meet the requirements of your pitch. Adjustment can be made to the columns if needed and old equipment removed and safely disposed of.


Cost comparisons are available on request to show how quickly the energy cost savings you make will recoup the costs of upgrading. 

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